Your Security is Key to our buinsess

Every aspect of your infrastructure from Applications to People to Web Sites poses a risk in the current environment. We are here to work through and mitigate these threats, and make your business IT as secure as possible.

In the world we live in it is vital to be vigilant in order to protect our business and working environment. Your IT provider may have put in the best defences in the world to protect against someone trying to attack your systems from the outside, but if someone sends an email to accounts claiming to be from the managing director, chances are they might well action the request, losing money or leaving the system open to attack from a malicious third party.

To prevent this, you, and your staff around you, needs to know who or what the bad guys are, what they are doing and how to protect yourselves from them. This can only be done through education.

Social Engineering

Social Engineering is when someone tries to infiltrate a business or network by using methods which act against us as humans. For example, holding a door open for someone, taking a delivery, someone claiming to be from the IT department, or in larger organisations, someone impersonating someone from another office. It can also come in the form of emails or phone calls, innocently inviting you to do something before something nasty is put into your computer or onto the network system.


We offer training in how to spot attacks coming in from email and other Phishing attempts to try and circumvent your security. We can also offer training against more physical attempts to try and get onto your systems, as well as a whole array of different potential security breaches.

Lunch and Learn

Join us for our popular lunch and learn session, where you and your staff can learn about data security from one of our experts – just be prepared, you may be in for a few surprises!

 Larning Seminars

Directors Seminar

Perfect to compliment a Cyber Audit or Penetration Test on your system,

Some of the topics we cover in the sessions:

  • Phish scamming
  • How vulnerable am I
  • Keeping the home safe
  • Kids and the Internet
  • Social Media and the world outside the workplace
  • GDPR

Children and the Internet