Your Security is Key to our buinsess

Every aspect of your infrastructure from Applications to People to Web Sites poses a risk in the current environment. We are here to work through and mitigate these threats, and make your business IT as secure as possible.

Every business, large or small needs some sort of planning in place, should the worst happen. Whether it be an internet outage, a hardware failure, data breach or even a more significant issue that could collapse the whole company like a fire or flood.

We are here to help you plan for these eventualities and will work with your insurance companies to help implement them and put into place the significant polices and procedures to help mitigate against anything causing too much of an issue, should the worst happen.

Many insurance providers are starting the ask the questions now, alongside their cyber insurance packages, and the onus is falling onto the company to put something in place, which can be followed through in such an eventuality.

Technical Disaster Planning, is something that should not be taken lightly and generally will fall into part of a much bigger picture, as part of a Business Continuity Plan, all of which will probably raise many questions  - Who knows this...? Who does that...? What happens if...? How long will this take? etc etc. We will go through with you to put the plan in place and old your hand through the procedure.

When all parties are happy, everything is documented, we can go through a dry run to make sure everything works, and everyone knows what to do in the event of anything happening.

Once in place, the whole procedure should be reviewed and tested regularly to make sure it is all relevant, especially if anything significant changes.


The Disaster Response Team

If a problem arises that would fall out of the remit of your normal IT support, then there needs to be a clear plan of what to do and who to contact. A Disaster Response Team can be defined as part of your planning to get you back up running as soon as possible. This may include internal staff, your IT support company or a third party designated for this purpose, any of which can be called into play at a moments notice. As DR planners, we would not generally involve ourselves with the recovery procedures in such an event, but we can advise a less experienced team to manage the situation.


Important Factors to Consider

  • Where is your data held?
  • Is it significantly backed up?
  • Is the data held securely?
  • What happens if your device is stolen or damaged?
  • What happens if your data is held to ransom?