Your Security is Key to our buinsess

Every aspect of your infrastructure from Applications to People to Web Sites poses a risk in the current environment. We are here to work through and mitigate these threats, and make your business IT as secure as possible.

We need you!

Security professionals, IT Network Engineers, Marketing, Designers, Programmers, Web application engineers we need you! We are looking for professional people who we can work with – we need help to spread our cause, and although we are not a fresh start-up, without like minded people to ourselves, the word doesn’t get out there.

Whilst this is not an individual job offer, we want people and businesses that we can help and help us to grow in return. If you have something to bring to the table, whether it be a product, a service or even a mutual benefit, we want to hear from you. We consider Knowledge to be Power, and we are after all only human, (or mostly!) and therefore the collective knowledge combined of many professionals can make for very much power overall.

We are security consultants as our job focus, and this is what we do, so do what you do best and help us in the global fight against cyber crime!

If you feel you can help, please fill in the following form, and we will contact you back to see what we can mutually do!